Vitra Girard Wooden Dolls

Wooden Dolls Collection by Alexander Girard. Stunning collection of hand painted dolls, each with their own characteristics.


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Girard's source of inspiration for the Wooden Dolls collection came from his passion for popular art of South America, Asia and Europe. Each Wooden Doll is presented in its own wooden box with slide lid and is accompanied by a leaflet detailing Alexander Girard's textiles and wooden dolls history. Girard based the Dolls upon toys from his own Santa Fe home. The Dolls characteristics differ from partly joyful to partly grim, each adding a charming enhancement to any interior. They work well individually or grouped to make more of a statement on a sideboard, dressing table or shelf.

These beautiful dolls are handmade and may vary slightly from doll to doll adding a fantastic uniqueness to each one.


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Additional Info

Lead time Delivery 4-6 weeks

Model 1:

H27.5 x W5 x D3.5cm

Model 2:

H18.5 x W8 x D4.5cm

Model 3:

H14.5 x W8 x D4.5cm

Model 4:

H27 x W8 x D4.5cm

Model 5:

H27 x W5 x D3.5cm

Model 6:

H17.5 x W7 x D4.5cm

Model 7:

H30.5 x W4.5 x D3.5cm

Model 8:

H21 x W7 x D4cm

Model 9:

H20.5 x W6 x D4.5cm

Model 10:

H16 x W7.5 x D4.5cm

Model 11:

H20 x W7.5 x D4.5cm

Model 12:

H18 x W8 x D4.5cm

Model 13:

H17.5 x W7 x D4.5cm

Model 14:

H26 x W5 x D4.5cm

Model 15:

H15 x W7 x D4.5cm

Model 16:

H25 x W4.5 x D3.5cm

Model 17:

H14.4 x W7.8 x D4.6cm

Model 18:

H15.3 x W7.2 x D4.7cm

Model 19:

H15.4 x W7.7 x D4.7cm

Model 20:

H23.4 x W4.9 x D4.3cm

Model 21:

H18.2 x W7.6 x D4.8cm

Model 22:

H23.6 x W4.5 x D3.4cm

Little Devil:

H14 x W4.6 x D3cm

Other Information

Material: Solid fir, hand painted.

Packaging: High-quality wooden gift box with printed label, brochure included.


Year of Design: 1952


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