Magis Puppy Chair

The Magis Puppy Chair by Eero Aarnio is a fun and playful addition to any home. Puppy is suitable for kids of all ages!


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Magis Puppy Chair

Children’s furniture need not be any less stylish and functional than adult furniture and furthermore it can be more imaginative than simply scaled-down pieces.

Magis designs the inventive Me Too collection specifically for children, combining childlike creativity and fun with practicality and durability.

The Me Too collection was motivated by a gap in the market spotted by Magis founder Eugenio Perazza when he was looking for a table for his granddaughter so she could sit and draw comfortably. He couldn’t find any children’s table on the market which was both aesthetically pleasing and had a simplicity that was suitable for children.

In the early nineties there was a real lack of stylish children’s furniture! The furniture that followed Eugenio’s revelation includes the wonderful ‘flying carpet’, beds that can be put together like toys and indestructible rocking horses - the durability a reassuring investment factor for parents!

The Magis Puppy Chair was designed by Eero Aarnio in 2004 for the Me Too collection and is a stand-out piece in the range. The simplistic shapes and vivid colours appeal to children and hide the revolutionary use of plastics.

This chair manufacturing was groundbreaking, using rotational mould technology. Eero Aarnio wanted the dog to appear as though the child had drawn it - the essential elements making it instantly recognisable as a dog, despite the lack of ears and other details.

The flexibility of use is also ingenious. Children have vivid imaginations and so creative visualisation comes naturally to them - they interact with everyday objects for a multitude of uses. The Magis Puppy Chair is anything the child wants it to be - a toy, a chair, garden, climbing apparatus, a sculpture or an abstract pet!

This chair is an ongoing best seller and makes a fantastic gift for a child and comes in four sizes to suit all ages of children. However, it is just as appealing to an adult, instantly injecting some fun into an area.


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Additional Info

Lead time Delivery 4-6 weeks

Puppy Chair: Small

Length: 42.5cm

Width: 26cm

Height: 23.5cm

Total Height: 34.5cm


Puppy Chair: Medium

Length: 56.5cm

Width: 34cm

Height: 30.5cm

Total Height: 45cm


Puppy Chair: Large

Length: 69.5cm

Width: 42cm

Height: 37.5cm

Total Height: 55.5cm


Puppy Chair: Extra Large

Length: 102cm

Width: 61.5cm

Height: 55cm

Total Height: 81cm

Other Information

Materials: Polyethylene.








Year of Design: 2005


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