Kartell FPE Chair

FPE by Ron Arad for Kartell. FPE is also better known as the Fantastic Plastic Elastic chair due to its bendy shape.

Kartell FPE Chair is available for purchase in increments of 2

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“Fantasic Plastic Elastic” is the name behind the initials of this chair, whose primary characteristics is its formal effect: soft and sinuous, colourful and seductive. It is fantastic due to its exclusive technology which allows the creation of a robust but elastic structure by fixing a single plate of curved plastic onto two parallel aluminium tubes.


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Additional Info

Lead time Delivery 4-6 weeks

Height: 78cm

Seat Height: 46cm

Width: 39cm

Depth: 56.5cm

Other Information

Seat: Smooth batch-dyed polypropylene


Frame: Painted extruded aluminium


Colours: Opaline white


Year of Design: 1997


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