Flos Tatou Table Light

Tatou. French for armadillo. The texture and shapes are clearly referenced in this future classic from Flos.

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"Tatou began life as a luminaire that crosses a traditional dome style with a surface that is interpreted through a creative language to screen and let the light filter through from inside. The first prototypes were suspension models, but they immediately bred into a family. Development in various sizes and situations in the domestic environment came naturally. The process began by looking for different ways to reconstruct membranes, conceived like Japanese armour: a series of metal buckles cleverly united by tapes with a powerful emotional value. There was then a process of simplification into overlapping, perforated, vertical bands riveted together. We translated the design into a mass production process by transitioning to injection moulding. The overlapping of these bands has been crystallised in three-dimensional leather, a variable section mould and by the geometric pattern. With Flos, the challenge was to obtain a mass produced product, while retaining strong artisan connotations. Tatou is French for armadillo: the mammal famous for its structure made up of plates of bone covered with a protective layer of horn. ‘Tatou’ has an emotional sound to it, which I think is consistent with the emotional function of this object.” Patricia Urquiola


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Additional Info

Lead time Delivery 2-4 weeks

Table lamp: See Spec Sheet

Diameter: 28cm

Height: 17.8cm

Base diameter: 19.5cm

Overall height: 50cm

Other Information

Mounting: Table

Lamps description: 1 x MAX 70W E27 HSGS or 1 X MAX 23W E27 FBT (L. max 112mm) or 1 LED 8W E27 900lm

Environment: Indoor

Finish: White, Black, Ochre-grey


Year of Design: 2012


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