Flos Piani Table Light

Piani by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Piani is made up of a flat base and a flat top, under which sits the light source.


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Well-known for their clean lines and minimalist designs, the Bouroullec brothers demonstrate how formal reduction and simplicity of design can breathe life into objects that are both useful and elegant. The distinctive feature of the Piani is the overlaying of two flat elements: the upper one providing direct light, while the lower one, shaped like a tray, becomes a convenient receptacle for pens, coins, paper clips, keys and the other little objects that we never know where to put. The Piani becomes a sort of elegant 'valet tray' for desks and entrance halls. Piani comes in four colour finishes, red, green, black and white in injection moulded plastic.


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Additional Info

Lead time Delivery 2-4 weeks

Model Piani: See Spec Sheet

Width: 26.4cm

Height: 20cm


Model Piani Big: See Spec Sheet

Width: 37.7cm

Height: 28.3cm

Other Information

Mounting: Table

Lamps description:

Model Piani: 14 TOP LED 2700K 336lm total CRI90 - 5W

Model Piani Big: 28 LED 2700K 420lm CRI90 - 6W

Environment: Indoor

Piani Finish: White, Green, Black

Piani Big Finish: Wood, Stone


Piani: 1.7

Piani Big: 3.4 (wood) & 9.4 (stone)


Year of Design: 2011 (Model Piani)

Year of Design: 2013 (Model Piani Big)


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