&Tradition Tables

&tradition reissue iconic designs of the past while discovering leading designers of today and tomorrow. They search for design talent across the globe, handpicking the finest quality producers, but their roots remain Nordic.

Spanish designer Jaime Hayon designed a group of tables in one structure - the &tradition Palette table - giving the design an abstract look which will turn heads in any room, yet remains highly practical.

Hayon stated:

‘Tables are...a multi-purpose object, why not design a multi-tiered table where different sizes, shapes, colours and materials converge together?’

The result is stunning - the table surfaces seem suspended in the air, while kept in place by a metal armature creating, as Hayon desired:

‘...a curious equilibrium that resembles a mobile - only static’.

The &tradition Hoof Lounge Table SW2 by Samuel Wilkinson continues the &tradition passion for new ideas using traditional techniques.

The Hoof furniture range is inspired by horses having their hooves trimmed before they are shod. The legs of these tables are like pencils, with sharpened feet showing the natural wood. Not only does this make the legs of the table distinctive, but this design will remain smart and stylish despite the usual knocks to the legs.

This pencil-like foot detail is made by reversing the normal production process when there is a combination of natural and painted wood. Most will be masked off and then painted - the Hoof tables are painted first and then cut back.

There are also &tradition tables designed in reflection of the brand’s iconic chair designs. The &tradition In Between Table curves reflect the empty space on the In Between chair’s back, while table leg angles reflect those on the chair. The Fly Table collection designed by SPACE Copenhagen offers the perfect addition alongside the Fly armchair and sofas in an open plan space.


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