String Shelving

Designed in 1949 by Nils Strinning, String shelving has won many awards and has become a design icon.

String shelving is such a flexible storage system that it offers countless configurations for any size, shape and style of space.

The minimalist look of the String shelving system means that it is timeless and so the refined design has remained hugely popular through many changing fashions.

The String metal high edge shelf is part of the String System. Each component of the design allows for completely individual String shelving designs, with endless possibilities.

Different components include cabinets with sliding doors, display cabinets with sliding glass doors and a chest of two drawers with stainless steel handles. String is available in a number of finishes for both the frame and all the different components.

The high edge of this particular String shelf means that you can put items on this shelf that are contained or can lean on the edge such as pictures, artwork or kitchen utensils. The holes in the shelf allow you to hang hooks, rods, hanger racks and bottle trays.

The String Pocket by Nils Strinning is the smallest version available in the String shelving collection. If you have a smaller area of wall which is in need of some storage space then this is ideal for you.

This handy, easy assembled mini kit includes 3 shelves and two side panels - making a small bookcase that will fit in almost anywhere.

This String shelving design can also create a feature wall in a room for displaying ornaments or plants. The distinctive look that String shelving brings instantly provides style and you can choose from a wide range of different colours.

You can also add useful String shelves like the String Shoe metal shelf or the String Bowl shelf.

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