String Panels

The String modular shelving system was first designed in 1949 when the design by Swedish architect Nils ‘Nisse’ Strinning won a competition for a bookshelf that could fit into any home in Sweden. After the competition, String shelving went into production and soon became one of Scandinavia’s most iconic designs.

String shelving consisted of two brackets and three shelves and String side panels. The shelves could simply be inserted at the desired height. There would no longer be a need to lie larger books horizontally on the bookshelf - the shelf could simply be raised.

The inspiration for this design came from a dish rack design that Nils Strinning had thought of years before.

Today, String shelving hasn’t dated due to the minimalist, timeless design that still feels contemporary. The range of colours, materials and storage solutions continues to expand.

Each component in the String system allows for shelving to be tailored to individual needs and styles  - with endless combinations.

Over the years of using a String system you can be reinvented, changed and transformed to fit the changing demands and fashions of life.

Components include cabinets with sliding doors, a display cabinet with sliding glass doors and a chest of two drawers with stainless steel handles.

The range of String side panels includes the String Plex Panels Wall 50 which are made of clear perspex and look chic with whatever shelf material you choose to pair them with. These String side panels instantly add style to any space - whether paired with rich wooden shelves in a luxurious and glamorous country bathroom, or metal in an industrial style urban penthouse or loft apartment.

There are many other String panels to choose from in different sizes and materials, depending on the look that you would like in your home.

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