Foscarini Outdoor Lights

Foscarini was established in 1981 in the glass workshops of Murano Island, Venice - a location known for its exquisite glass. Today, Foscarini works with a wide range of different materials and expert craftsmanship.

Foscarini lighting intertwines art with technology creating pieces which are distinctive - not just inside buildings, but also outside, with a range of outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting not only provides function, it also creates an atmosphere and decorates the outdoor space. One example of Foscarini outdoor innovation is the Foscarini Solar floor light, which is a hemispherical shape made of waterproof and unbreakable polyethylene, so that it is safe even when the structure tilts.

The design of this Foscarini outdoor lamp also means that it can also be used as an outdoor table lamp. Multiple lighting effects can be created when you tilt the lamp at different angles.

Designed by Ludovica E Roberto Palomba, the Foscarini Poly Gregg table light is a smooth, round, pebble-like shape, ideal for outdoor garden use with the shape reflecting in nature. Foscarini outdoor lamps and lights show how Foscarini adapt materials to suit the purpose and environment alongside looking aesthetically pleasing. The Poly Gregg offers a cheaper alternative to the Murano glass version but offers the same soft white light.

The Foscarini outdoor Gregg suspension light continues the organic design, this time with dramatic suspension. As this outdoor light is suspended in the air, it reminds us of the moon - another nod to the natural world in the design.

Designed for natural outside composition, every piece in the Foscarini Gregg lighting range looks especially striking when grouped together.