Fatboy Beanbags

One of the most iconic designs of the Nineties, the Fatboy original beanbag was exciting from the beginning. At first some might think that the Fatboy beanbag is simply designed to be attention-seeking in its boisterous, oversized, loud way. That is, until you recline on one.

The Fatboy beanbag provides the ultimate in relaxation. This beanbag is perfect for any space - a lounge, open-plan living area, bedroom, conservatory or summer house. It is no wonder that the Fatboy beanbag has countless fans all over the world and the Fatboy collection grew from this iconic design.

Not only is the Fatboy original beanbag fun to look at and luxurious to recline on, but you can wipe it down with lukewarm water and neutral soap. Over time the beans in the bag squash down with use, but Fatboy offer refills so that your Fatboy beanbag stays as good as new.

The Fatboy original beanbag was so successful that it led to other Fatboy beanbag designs.

The Fatboy original stonewashed beanbag is the softest Fatboy beanbag of all. The outer bag is made from 100% stonewashed luxury cotton which can be machine washed inside out at 30°C.

The Fatboy junior beanbag is a unique smaller size that is especially designed with children and teenagers in mind. Children have always gravitated towards beanbags as a fun way of chilling out with their friends, watching TV or playing games consoles. However, before Fatboy beanbags, past designs would easily split with use, spilling beans everywhere.

The fabric couldn’t be easily cleaned and the beanbag would quickly lose its shape - these beanbags would be short-lived. Fatboy beanbags found a solution, made from a virtually indestructible material even the most exuberant children will not wear it down.

The huge colour range available for the Fatboy Junior Beanbag means that family rooms or your children’s bedrooms can be both practical and stylish.

Fatboy really have thought of everything. The Fatboy Buggle-up beanbag is the perfect outdoor lounge chair. The Buggle-up straps easily adapt the beanbag to change the seating to suit your purpose. Simply store this Fatboy outdoor beanbag like you would a garden cushion and store in indoors when it rains. 

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