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Eames Lounge Chair

Monday, 23 April 2018 11:47:00 Europe/London

When it’s time to slip into something a little more comfortable, you could do a lot worse than plump for the Eames Lounge Chair with matching ottoman. 

Ray and Charles Eames

The ultimate Vitra classic, it positively oozes what creators, husband and wife team Charles and Ray Eames, describe as “the receptive look of a well-used first baseman’s mitt”.  And having sunk myself into this sumptuous seat and my flopped my feet on the ottoman on many an occasion, I can dreamily declare that this leather legend does indeed fit like a glove.

A labour of love created in the ’50s, it’s a ‘modern’ alternative to the traditional English club chair, aiming to embrace its predecessor’s ample proportions but in a more elegant manner.

And embrace it does…not to mention, envelop and enfold – thanks to its curving plywood shell, swathed in the finest hide. And it’s thanks also to intricate hand labour and latest factory technologies that this iconic piece has earnt itself a seat of splendour in New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Eames Lounge Chair

Now available in two sizes – classic and new larger dimensions – with a wealth of woods and leathers from which to choose, it’ll always be a soft option.  Sixty years after the Eames team decided it was game-on for the cosy concept of that baseball mitt, nothing else has quite managed meet its match.

Get your hands – or preferably your body – on one. It’s a whole new blissful ballgame.

Posted in Blog By Helen Crawford

Kartell Masters

Saturday, 31 March 2018 12:27:00 Europe/London

It’s a bit like when they brought back blue Smarties…just when you thought something couldn’t get any better, the Kartell Masters Chair became available in a Metallic finish.

Already presented in a palette of 6 colours – enough to tempt every palate – the iconic piece was suddenly even more appetising with this delectable new twist, of which more later.

 Kartell Masters

The Masters, designed by Philippe Starck, is a tribute to 3 symbolic seats, locking together the unmistakable silhouettes of Arne Jacobsen’s Series 7, Eero Saarinen’s Tulip Armchair and Charles Eames’ Eiffel Chair.

 Kartell Masters 2

Winner of the 2010 Good Design Award, the Masters comes in tasteful chair and stool versions and is all the more delicious for being suitable for outdoor use (mat only).

My lovely mum is notoriously fussy about what furniture is on the menu. But even she counts this light, practical and stackable offering as one of her staple favourites and swears it’s her comfiest perch.

And then there’s the small matter of this polypropylene treat becoming even more of a ‘gilty’ pleasure, with the introduction of the Metallics range in Gold, Copper, Chrome and Titanium.

 Kartell Masters 3

Gloriously glossy, the newfound sheen seriously brings out the bling in this classy classic.  And with the Pink Apple Easter sale running until Bank Holiday Monday, now is the time to get your hands – and bottoms – on a Masters chair or stool.

As Starck himself puts it, his distinctive design “brings to mind the lines of three great masters and three great masterpieces”. A bit like a Galaxy, Wispa and Smarties egg all rolled into one. Happy Easter!

Masters stool

Posted in Blog By Helen Crawford

Vitra Eames Plastics

Monday, 26 March 2018 10:02:37 Europe/London

A pop of colour never hurt anyone, so Vitra Eames' iconic range of plastic seats provide the perfect excuse to play musical chairs, albeit without the music.

Vitra Eames Plastics

Mix and match a symphony of 14 seat shell hues, with the option of harmonising these with a cushion or full upholstery in a choice of 8 hopsak fabric tones.

Eames plastics colours

And if you really want your chairs to be heard, you can make it all about the base.

Take the DAR, for starters, whose iconic Eiffel legs (reminiscent of a certain well-noted landmark) shout loud and proud beneath the organically-shaped – (some may say bucket-like, in a good way) armchair shell.

And then there’s the DSW Side Chair – a simpler seat shape without arms, and whose wooden legs supported by steel rods offer a more classic look.

The DSX meanwhile, with the same seat as the DSW, strikes a chord with clean-cut chrome legs.

You can go solo with the DAR, DSW and DSX by leaving them uncovered. Or you may want them to be accompanied by a non-detachable seat cushion or full upholstery in hopsack – select from a scale of shades.

And if you really want to play it bold, consider adding white or black piping to the fabric to make those seats really sing out.

But for the look that totally rocks, it’s got to be the RAR – a soothing composition of the DAR seat but with golden maple rocking skids. Only available unupholstered, it holds a lot of sway wherever it goes.

With the different seat shells, upholstery choices and bases across this plastic chair range, there’s no stopping the number of combinations possible. Designed in 1950 by Charles and Ray Eames, some models can even be used outdoors.

But hard-wearing and comfy, no matter how you choose to orchestrate these high-quality style stalwarts, you know they’ll always look as good as they sound.

Vitra Eames Plastics chairs

Posted in Blog By Helen Crawford

Knoll Saarinen Tulip Tables and Chairs

Friday, 16 March 2018 15:55:13 Europe/London

It's been a murky old winter, but a shiny clean spring is on the horizon. Take Knoll's Saarinen Tulip range for may have blossomed into life many moons ago, but its feel is as fresh as ever.

With their trademark pedestal black or white bases wiping away the messy need for what the designer called a ‘slum of legs’, the Tulip look is still neat and new. And very nice it is too.

Designed by Eero Saarinen in the 1950s, the classic style sleeks across a series of tables and chairs. Beautifully-bevelled table tops gracefully adorn the ‘majestically effortless’ one-legged moulded base. With the tops available in magnificent marbles (glossy or satin) and laminate or veneer finishes, the Tulip table will always simply look smooth.

And that’s whether the talk turns to the Dining or smaller Side tables, which stand tall alongside their equally elegant Coffee counterparts.

Knoll Saarinen Tulip Tables

The distinctive Dining tables (including some in Acrylic Stone for outdoor use) are served up in a choice of 5 diameters from 91cm to 152cm in the round version, with the Oval options stretching to a spectacular 244cms.

And blooming alongside the Tulip tables are the stools and chairs (swivel or fixed base) with or without arms. Take your pick from a flourish of fabric and leather upholstery options.

Knoll Saarinen Tulip Chairs

With such a crop of combinations, all things bright and beautiful or serene and subtle are possible within Knoll’s iconic Saarinen Tulip range. Whether you choose to step out loud and proud or tiptoe through the tulips, enjoy this bunch of beauties.

Posted in Blog By Helen Crawford

Good to Glow with Louis Poulsen

Monday, 5 March 2018 13:09:26 Europe/London

Pink Apple are proudly basking in the rosy glow of Louis Poulsen - the latest lighting brand to add a special sparkle to our website.


Take the Louis Poulsen PH5 Contemporary Hues range, offering a colourful breath of fresh air with its haze of harmonious tones. This three-shade pendant system gently directs the light downwards, with uplifting results. 




The PH Lights range meanwhile - available in more than one size in table and floor versions - make a different sort of statement in mouth-blown white opal glass. Loosely-based on the idea of a spiral, these too provide soft lighting, but with a choice of contrasting black metallised or high-lustre chrome base.




If the PH selection could be considered to put the 'class' into classic, then AJ lamps surely spell out the 'fun' in funky. Designed by Arne Jacobsen, the AJ light collection sparked into life in the 1960s and is still going strong today. Available in table, floor and wall versions, it shouts retro, but in a playful rather than overpowering way.



And then there's the Panthella Table and Panthella Floor, created in 1971 by Verner Panton, whose bright idea was to build a design where both foot and shade served as a light reflector. Its distinctive domed top was always shaped for success.



But taking centre stage among such side dish delights is The Artichoke. This world-famous unique sculptural design dreamt up by Poul Henningsen in 1958, boasts 72 painstakingly-positioned leaves. With much of the production process still carried out by hand, this prize specimen guarantees totally glare-free light from any angle.


For more shining examples of how you can trip the light fantastic, click here.


Posted in Blog By Helen Crawford

Hay London Showroom

Thursday, 4 August 2016 14:44:41 Europe/London

It’s got four legs, cuts an impressive figure in any setting and scares the life out of my mother-in-law’s parrot.


Standing sturdy and supreme above the rest, it’s a tiger of a thing. And if something about its superior stance can reduce Jack the precocious African Grey to a squawking mess, then so much the better. What's not to love about the Hay About A Stool (AAS)?


For your average devotee, it's the durability of the AAS, or its simplicity that swings it. But for me, it's all about the fact that, after 15 years of being tormented by this pecking parrot, I can finally sit down in peace, without fear of being swooped on.


Every time I settle myself in this great all-rounder, my feather-brained foe takes one look at the AAS’s robust oak legs and inexplicably turns his back, shrieking: “It’s scary Jack, but I can cope…”


Never has the temptation to splash out on a job lot of these been greater. And with all sorts of options including different bases, seat colours and fabrics, it’s not just me who is all of a flutter about the About a Stool. Nor is it just about the stools – the Hay About A range extends to many, many chairs (some available in leather) and tables. Check out our website.


And then there’s the Hay Hee Stool, which is not as funny as it sounds, but just as striking, with its slender metal lines. Also available in Lounge and Dining Chair versions, the gorgeously galvanised wire is rust-proof, so in terms of outdoor use and longevity, you’re certainly laughing.


Similarly, if the name of another Hay range -  Copenhague - triggers memories of the song “Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen”, you could do worse than to tune into these wooden wonders. The key again is that, based on an old university chair, these are more simple than Simon, and every bit as tempting as his pies. The classic design is dished up in a table adaptation too, with many colours to tempt the palate, not to mention stools, with an extra toppings menu of upholstery options whetting your appetite.


But while my taste buds are tickled by these seats, that’s nothing compared to the soft spot I have for Hay’s Mags sofas, which come in both standard and soft versions.  


The Mags may be minimalist, but with add-ons like chaises longues and corner modules, plus oodles of options where colour and fabric are concerned, the possibilities are endless. Deep-seated and with high armrests, it is endearingly durable.


The Mags Soft, meanwhile, is so squidgy I could squeeze it. Call me slushy, but something about this more relaxed counterpart makes me melt. Team it with a Hay cushion or three and again, with limitless laid-back compositions, the world really is your open-hearted oyster.


The real pearl in Hay’s shell though, is for me the Hackney Sofa. Quite aside from its foldable frame which allows for easy manoeuvrability, it boasts a single-section cushion generous enough to sleep on. And it positively wooed me to snuggle up to it. Available as a seductive two- or three-seater model, the initial impression when I first clapped adoring eyes on the blindingly beautiful blue version will  stay with me for a long time.


And judging by its name, the Don’t Leave Me table, a cute little side number, evokes similar sentiments, as do the Tray and Slit tables, all in the most captivating colours. Rather more plus-sized models like the Frame Table and T12 also make a big impact. Meanwhile, alongside Woody Shelving and the Pinocchio Rug, the Strap Mirror on the wall is one of the fairest of all Hay’s goodies.


But on reflection, it's a certain feather-ruffling parrot-defeating seating that raises the biggest smile with me.


Hay - did you hear the one about the About A Stool? A little bird told me...


Posted in Blog By Helen Crawford

Fantastic Plastic

Thursday, 28 April 2016 12:52:00 Europe/London

Not since I saw what it did to Michael Jackson’s face has plastic made such an impact on me as the day I discovered Kartell.  

In the kingdom of Kartell, everything from tables and trays to shelving and seats sit in synthetic splendour. Not for this leading Italian manufacturer the possible weariness of wood or the mediocrity of metal. All is crafted in fantastic durable plastic.


From Phillippe Starck’s iconic Louis Ghost Chair to (non-surgically-enhanced) chests like his Ghost Buster, it seems a splash of plastic is all that’s needed to transport any setting to one of transparent or glossy glory.


Be it Bellini’s Dune tray in searing Fuchsia, Urquiola’s Kite Shelves in Amber or a striking Green Only Me mirror, the colours alone offer a facelift for the most fading of facades.


And, as I discovered at Kartell’s newly-opened flagship store in Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, whether you’re plumping for plastic of the see-through or ‘solid’ variety, they have it in spades. And all is environmentally-friendly.


Digging deep into this treasure trove in swanky SW3, I unearthed more than a gem or two. I struck gold straight away with the discovery of Masters Chairs in the Metallics range flanking a row of Yoshioka Invisible Tables.


The Invisibles, in Transparent Crystal, were a sight for sore eyes, dripping with dining ware by Urquiola and positively glowing, thanks to Starck’s elegant Abbracciaio Candlesticks. And, with Laviani’s FL/Y lamp suspended in glorious Gold above them, this dinner setting promised one rich meal ticket.


But all that glitters is not Gold, or even the Chrome or Copper which features so spectacularly in the world of Kartell. Equally dazzling are the Citron Yellows, Cobalts and Violets which sit in polished perfection alongside Transparent Oranges and Smoke Greys in a rainbow chart of choices to make Judy Garland’s heart sing.


The wizardry of this flagship store allows visitors to follow a multi-coloured road on a journey past trolleys like Citterio’s foldable Flip and Gastone and a crop of vases such as Sottsass’ Calice and Bellini’s Shanghai.


But it’s not just about the zing of startling hues. It’s the sheer (pardon the pun) shape, technology and imagination behind everything. It’s the top-notch designs like Starck’s versatile Top Top side table – unstoppable indoors and out – and thrilling seats like the Urquiola Frilly and Starck’s bowl-shaped Mr Impossible which make any look seem well… possible.


For decades, devotees have wanted to get their hands – and bottoms – on Kartell’s iconic stools and chairs;  some stackable (Lissoni’s Audrey, the Papyrus by Bouroullec and Yoshioka’s Ami Ami for starters), others collapsible, such as the deliciously simple Honeycomb by Meda.


And shelving and storing need never be boring! Wiggly wonders like the Lovely Rita, Bookworm and now the Popworm (see it and believe) – all by Arad - open up a whole new world for books, while Ferrieri’s Componibili has been successfully and stylishly stowing all sorts since 1969.


Roaming through the store, I tripped the plastic light fantastic with flashes of inspiration from Battery and Bourgie Lights and the twinkling Toobe and Take, all by Laviani. Meanwhile, the simplistic joy of his Easy suspension lamp along with bursts of bling from the Bloom had me all but swinging from the chandeliers.


And then there was Urquiola’s Jellies range, hooking visitors with everything from coat hangers to carafes. Always a firm favourite, the Jellies inject more youthful optimism into any setting than the sharpest shot of botox.


It’s fair to say Kartell has done far more for plastic than Mr Jackson’s surgeons could ever hope to do. After 65 years, this phenomenally successful global brand is still pulling off its fresh-faced yet sophisticated image. And far from showing signs of ageing, there’s every indication that this very smooth operator will continue to stand the test of time.



Kartell’s flagship store is at 223 Brompton Road, London SW3 2EJ. All items can be ordered through Pink Apple.

Posted in Blog By Helen Crawford

Pink Apple's Vitra Trip

Tuesday, 15 December 2015 12:52:25 Europe/London

He was clearly smitten - and far too busy eyeing the shapely legs and smooth arms to even realise I was watching him. But when he playfully patted the arguably-magnificent rear, I had to do the decent thing and clear my throat to let him know I was there. There, at the Vitra factory, watching this master craftsman put the finishing touches to an Eames Lounge Chair.


Never since the film Flashdance has the workshop setting seemed quite so seductive or sparked so many labours of love. The Vitra Campus in Basel, Germany, is where it all begins for all sorts of creations, from George Nelson’s Coconut Chair and Jean Prouve’s Cite to Antonio Citterio’s Grand Repos and Hella Jongerius’ Polder Sofa.


And there I was, on a Pink Apple team visit to the sprawling site, playing voyeur to an army of artisans putting their very hearts and souls into every item they so lovingly produced. I watched as the iconic one-piece moulded shell of a Panton Chair was pimped and preened to perfection. Meanwhile, alongside it, carpenters worked wonders with wooden bases to put the rock ’n roll back into the Eames Plastic Armchair.

A little further along the line and the techniques involved in producing the Tip Ton Chair made an awestruck crowd appreciate how it comes to be such a tip top product. And then there was the Panton Heart Cone Chair being swaddled affectionately in Tonus fabric by its doting upholsterer.


But if this was Heaven for home furnishings, the quality control room next door must have been Hell. Recognised as an official torture chamber for chairs, this is where the resilience and performance of products are brutally tested. Everything from Yanagi’s Butterfly Stool to the Bouroullec Vegetal Chair comes under fire from robotic arms relentlessly shoving and shaking its Vitra victims.

We flinched as Eames Soft Pad Chairs were poked and prodded, while the Basel Chair by Jasper Morrison came in for jabbing and jostling. Elsewhere, Frank Gehry’s Wiggle Chair was whipped, while metal bars lashed the Landi Chair. After the equivalent of two years’ constant use/abuse, the findings would be fed back to the perfection-hungry design teams.


Back on the factory floor, however, sofas clearly had the softer option as a guide melted into a Mariposa, explaining how designers Barber and Osgerby used plush adjustable panels to make their “butterfly” creation set hearts a-flutter. Also riding high on a tide of approval was Antonio Citterio's Suita, whose sleek legs make it “almost appear to float”.



And so the Pink Apple team wafted on, drifting among a soothing sea of Alexander Girard Cushions and Eames Wool Blankets, as we soaked up anecdotes of what had inspired the creation of everything from Girard's Wooden Dolls to the Eames House Bird.


But for once, romantic idealism took a back seat as we heard how George Nelson’s iconic Ball Clock came to tick its way to fame. It turns out that, after a high-spirited night where Nelson and a couple of friends had drunkenly swapped jokey scribbles, Nelson realised there was mileage in some of the “utterly absurd” doodlings. Those squiggles were tweaked, and so the Ball Clock was born. “To this day, I don’t know who cooked it up,” he later admitted.


Which just goes to prove that there’s more than meets the eye to each and every one of these timeless Vitra classics.

Posted in Blog By Helen Crawford

Space planning and design

Thursday, 10 December 2015 12:53:31 Europe/London

Space planning and design


At Pink Apple we are always happy to help our customers with any interior design or space planning.

We have just help a lovely customer with their selection and configuration of the stunning Flexform Groundpiece sofa designed by Antonio Citterio.

From a simple sketch and a few photos, we quickly produced a layout to determine the configuration and then produced a simple 3D image to show how the Groundpiece sofa configuration would finally look.

Please contact us if you would like help with your space planning or for assistance putting together your next fantastic sofa configuration.

Posted in Blog By Stuart Hill

Flos Lighting

Wednesday, 9 December 2015 14:00:18 Europe/London

Pink Apple only stock the most cutting edge designs for your home and that is why we are delighted to be able to offer our lovely customers some of the most innovative brands out there at the moment. Flos Lighting certainly fall into that special bracket and we have some excellent products of theirs that you are bound to fall in love with!


As we are all aware, there is far more to home lighting than simply illuminating your rooms and so forth. Flos Lighting have developed a number of floor lights, table lights, wall lights and ceiling lights that combine function and form in an exquisite manner. There Flos IC Ceiling light comes in 3 versions and whether you prefer the Ceiling or Wall Light, Suspension Light or their stunning Table Light, you will have to agree that each of these products will add visual value to your home.


The Flos Miss K has a classic look that is well worth a second or even third glance. Lovers of LED technology will swoon over the Flos Kelvin products as theycombine some serious power with the most elegant lines we’ve seen in a long time. You will have to go a long way to beat the simple yet stylish Flos Tab T LED table lamp, perfect for home or office.


If you were hankering after a table light that looks gorgeous enough to grace any residence, we’d have to suggest the Flos Miss Sissi Set of Two Table Lights without hesitation. Providing diffused lighting in a direct form and designed by Phillipe Starck, nothing comes close to this fantastic product.


For an original take on table lamps for the bedside and pretty much every part of your home, why not cast your gaze over the Flos Glo Ball products? Elegantly shaped with a dimmer switch included, these will add atmosphere wherever they are placed.

For an original take on table lamps for the bedside and pretty much every part of your home, why not cast your gaze over the Flos Glo Ball products? Elegantly shaped with a dimmer switch included, these will add atmosphere wherever they are placed.


The Flos Tatou Table Light is another gem that you really should take a closer look at. Perfect for adding style and class to your home and as with most of the Flos products we’ve already mentioned, they come in floor and suspension lighting versions as well.

Posted in Blog By Nicola Wiseman

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